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Solo Cultural Exchange Opportunities for Adventurous Dancers

To kick off the company's 6th season, ZiRu Dance launched DIVE, a new initiative offering exciting worldwide cultural exchange opportunities to ZiRu dancers. DIVE has taken dancers to Taiwan, China, the Netherlands, and Austria, offering dancers unique opportunities to dive deeply into local artistry and culture. No two DIVEs are alike, and each DIVE is created to facilitate new levels of cross-cultural understanding and initiate artistic development for both the dancers and their host companies. Through these tailor-made exchange programs, ZiRu Dance continues to broaden and deepen its impact on a global scale.


Each DIVE is designed with a threefold aim in mind: to create an environment for vivid cultural exchange on both sides; to enrich the artistry and technical proficiency of the individual dancer; and to establish a solid platform for further, company-wide exchanges and collaborations. These exchanges build relationships through movement in the dance studio. These human connections transcend language and cultural gaps, deepening our connections to the world around us and expanding our artistic horizons. Each company dancer brings the wealth of their experiences abroad back with them into studio for their next ZiRu Dance exploratory project. As this program continues to grow, we encourage a continuing conversation, among both our artists and supporters worldwide.


Since 2013, DIVE has created important bridges with internationally renowned companies and festivals all over the world including Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (Taipei, Taiwan), Guangdong Modern Dance Company (Guangzhou, China), Impulstanz (Vienna, Austria) and LDTX/Beijing Dance (Beijing, China).


To gain a better understanding of these solo exchanges, it’s highly encouraged to DIVE right in with our multi-talented, diverse, and engaging artists as they tell of their adventures. For more on completed DIVEs, visit us here.


Support DIVE!

To show your support for DIVE, you can donate to cover the dancers’ expenses: travel, lodging, per diem, and workshop/technique class fees. Your support provides ZiRu Dance with the ability to shape these exchanges, allowing the dancers necessary cultural and artistic exposure abroad. Please stay tuned for announcements of future DIVEs during our 2017 Season.

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