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About Cultural Exchange Program

We are committed to cross-cultural exchange and diversity appreciation at ZiRu Exchange, which is central to our mission. Through the universal language of dance and movement, we have facilitated tours and collaborations between the United States and numerous nations since 2007. Our approach not only fosters mutual understanding between U.S. and international participants, but also cultivates leadership and develops the capacity of prospective young leaders to establish ties and lives in other countries. We acknowledge that cultural differences should be celebrated as part of our global identity, and we believe that movement and sports can serve as a crucial instrument for breaking down barriers and fostering mutual respect and communication. By incorporating elements of various movement languages into our exchange camps, performances, and master workshops, we are able to bridge cultural gaps and nurture cross-cultural understanding through the formation of long-lasting relationships.


Movement transcends linguistic and cultural biases, thereby facilitating communication, respect, and comprehension. In this global economy, cultural differences must be regarded in a way that makes them approachable and celebrated as components of our global identity. We view movement as a crucial tool for bridging borders, and we continue to find ways for performances and master classes to foster a greater understanding of the United States and its culture in relation to cultural traditions from around the globe: our differences, similarities, and complementary resources.


Through these exchanges, we continue to refine our movement language, bridging cultural divides by incorporating new elements and adapting consistently.  Building the long-lasting relationships that enable exchange and cross-cultural understanding is most rewarding aspect of making all of this happen.

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