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ZiRu Dance Live

Locked Fear

Choreographed by Philein Wang and Karah Abiog, Locked Fear will premiere Spring of 2025. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 2.39.23 PM.png

“Locked Fear” is a reflective new dance project amidst global tensions, examining the psychological impact of war and conflict anticipation as a result of the threat to and decline of democracy. The work explores the accelerated sense of fear, dread, and anxiety that accompanies the threat of safety and stability - as seen in Ukraine, Taiwan, and in the United States - and how this fear, although pervasive, must be hidden due to societal divisions. 


Directed by Philein Wang Wang and Choreographed by  Philein Wang, Christian Burns, Alejandro Perez and Winifred Harris



VANTAGE sits at the intersection of movement, cultural identity, and most importantly: social justice. The experimental work, VANTAGE, incorporated dance-for-the-camera,  storytelling, and live panel discussions from four distinct racial viewpoints (Asian American, African American, Latinx, and European Causacian/Mixed Race).

Pathways to Recovery 

A work currently in progress, Directed and Choreographed by Philein Wang. This work is supported by the California Arts Council and the Creative Work Fund


Pathways to Recovery is a collaboration with One Life Counseling, engaging PTSD patients in movement therapy classes to conduct research and choreograph a new body of work exploring PTSD and the pathways to recovery from the disorder.

Ars Moriendi - The Art of Dying 

Choreographed by Mike Tyus and commissioned by ZiRu Dance in April 2022

The Ars Moriendi was a text published in 1450 to help spiritually guide people to the end of their lives. Death is an ever present part of life. We must release our fear of letting go so that we may live a courageous life. ‘If you want to die well, then first – live well’

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