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Our Mission

ZiRu Dance, a BIPOC non-profit dance company, provides unique community programs that promote healing and improve mental wellness through the art of dance with increased inclusiveness and education opportunities in the Peninsula/Silicon Valley of California. ZiRu Dance emphasizes the creation of new dance work, curated festival production, mentorship of emerging artists, diversity, cross-cultural dialogue, community engagement, and outreach. 


Through our intentional actions, focused art making, and inclusive image as a diverse company enmeshed within our community, we address society’s toughest challenges to make a broader impact through education, performance, mentorship, and use of dance as a healing mechanism in society. 


Founded in 2007 by Artistic Director Philein Wang, ZiRu produces an annual Silicon Valley Dance Festival that leads by example with diverse company members who are more than 85% individuals of color (Black, Asian American and LatinX). During this time of COVID-19, when systemic racism and Asian-American xenophobia has become more pronounced, ZiRu offers community support to build a more inclusive, just, and healthy future for everyone.

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