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Silicon Valley Dance Festival

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The Silicon Valley Dance Festival brings the best of contemporary dance to Silicon Valley. 


The Silicon Valley Dance Festival curates an immersive experience, equivalent to 5-7 trips into San Francisco to view contemporary dance.  ZiRu Dance is invested in giving contemporary dance a home in Silicon Valley, a place famous for its innovative science and technology sector, but lacking in easy access to rich performing arts experiences. In addition to festival performances, festival programming will also include extensive community engagement activities including school outreach programs, youth mentorships and new partnerships in the region. 


As the festival grows, Philein Wang will expand programming to include more companies from across the United States and the world. Future years will incorporate master classes, open rehearsals and multiple weekends of performances to allow the community to engage with artists in a variety of ways.  Wang says, “At the heart of this whole endeavor, our vision is to make contemporary dance accessible for students and families in the Silicon Valley and the Peninsula, so they can enjoy the cultural richness of dance.”

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