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A Class Series

with Endless Possibilities

ZiRu Dance will curate a dance class series for your non-profit, program or company that fits your needs. From an 8 class series to a 30 class package, we can help you bring mental

wellness to your community. 

Choose from class offerings such as ... 

Charle sRoy_edited.jpg

FLEX is a new, fun way to ignite your soul, challenge your mind, and feel alive in your body through movement. Set to hot, bumpin beats, we will combine heart-pumping movement with slow, strength-building to provide a full-body workout and full-soul fun.

Flex: Fitness Based Class AGE 14+ With Charles ROY JR.​


Creative Movement Expression With Amelia Eisen

Creative Movement  focuses on the techniques and tools of dance improvisation. It connects body to imagination through creatively guided movement exercises. It is a fun, physically playful class where you will learn to sharpen the awareness and sensitivity of your own body while connecting with others.

Alysia Chang.JPG

A simple but thorough ballet barre to open your body for the day. This movement class will benefit all types, ages and levels of movers. 

Ballet Barre with Alysia Chang

Based off the principles of a ballet barre this aerobic class will get you sweating and moving quickly. I emphasize proper alignment and technique, but modifications can be made to suit any fitness level. You will get a full body workout with a big emphasis on engaging our smaller muscles groups that sometimes elude us. We always end with floor exercises, including core and, some light stretching so you can leave feeling relaxed and get the full benefits of strengthening and then lengthening the body. 

Alysia Chang, Instructor

Interested in becoming a partner or learning more about our class offerings or series opportunities?

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