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Class Offerings

Flex: Fitness Based Class AGE 14+ With Charles ROY JR.

FLEX is a new, fun way to ignite your soul, challenge your mind, and feel alive in your body through movement. Set to hot, bumpin beats, we will combine heart-pumping movement with slow, strength-building to provide a full-body workout and full-soul fun.

Expect an endurance challenge, with plenty of squats and beat drops! Each exercise is set to flow perfectly to a freshly curated playlist, so that the music feeds and inspires you to reach for your personal best.

All are welcome at FLEX. Each movement contains variations and adaptations to meet you where you are at. You choose the intensity that works for you and we all jam out together!

Jazz Funk & Hip Hop Choreography class with rotating style age 12+ with Charles Roy JR.


Sassy, fun and feminine! This class is a place to unleash your inner Beyonce! We break it down and work it out to the most viral hits. Expect hair whips, snaps, and body rolls - but NO DEATH DROPS ; we want you to come back.

Urban Contemporary choreography class age 9+ WIth Charles Roy JR.


This choreography based class mixes street styles and classical styles to today's hip-hop hits in a way that is trendy yet sophisticated. The class tends to focus on musicality and assists dancers in developing their own personal style. No prior background is necessary! Just the desire to feel the music.

Ballet Barre int.level With Alysia Chang

A simple but thorough ballet barre to open your body for the day. 

Break Dancing Basics Age 17+ With Babatunji Johnson


No experience? No problem! This class is for beginners ages 17 and up because we believe it's never too late to start! This is a great opportunity for adults with no experience to learn new skills in a safe space. This class focuses on laying down the fundamentals of this unique style of movement in a fun, and accessible way. Whether you've got a passion for the art or just want to try something new, all are welcome in this class. Join us and learn the basics of breakdancing!

Breakdancing Skill Building age 9-17 With Babatunji Johnson

Do you have a breakdancer in your home? This class is intended for kids 9-17 years old with prior breakdancing or gymnastics experience. If you're in this age group and looking to take your skills to the next level this is the right class for you. Come grow your knowledge in this dynamic and engaging class! We hope people in this class will learn something new, be challenged in some way, and ultimately have a lot of fun.

Intermediate/Advanced Modern II With Miche Wong

Miche's modern class starts with a warm-up that builds the energy foundation for the rest of class. The practice involves guided improvisation, seated or lying down floor movement, and standing footwork. We'll end with a phrase that will get you moving and taking up all of your space! This is best for Int.-Adv students but anyone can give it a try!

Creative Movement  focuses on the techniques and tools of dance improvisation. It connects body to imagination through creatively guided movement exercises. It is a fun, physically playful class where you will learn to sharpen the awareness and sensitivity of your own body while connecting with others. The class is designed for people of all ages and is open-level, meaning you need no 'official' dance experience though trained dancers are also very welcome and encouraged to join. The only requirements are to show up with an open mind and commit to not taking yourself too seriously.

Creative Movement Expression With Amelia Eisen

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