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Mentorship Program 

 After my experiences with ZiRu, I was able to obtain a deeper understanding of the theatrical arts from another perspective. To this day, as a working actor, singer and dancer, I come into each project with a complete understanding of the technical aspects of production. 

- Paul DiLoreto, Marketing Mentee

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The ZiRu Dance mentorship program offers opportunities to develop skills in dance and/or arts administration for students showing exceptional dedication and passion for dance. ZiRu has provided 3-12 month mentorship programs and residencies for BIPOC artists at a critical time of transition. 


Mentorship with Wang provides a safe space, guidance and clarity.  Mentees have gone on to obtain master degrees or open their own businesses and dance companies. This step in one’s career is a game changer for many. For BIPOC artists who are new and trying to get their foot in the door, or for recent college or program graduates who are seeking a way to survive in the Bay Area, the ZiRu  mentorship program is an invaluable opportunity.   

At a glance, over the past 15 years, we have held 18 total mentorships. 

13 were for BIPOC artists

10 BIPOC mentorships and 10 three-12 month residencies. 

6 mentees went on to obtain Master’s Degrees at top tier universities

5 mentees went on to dance for top tier companies

5 mentees went on to start their own businesses or dance companies

16 mentees traveled internationally with ZiRu Dance.  Out of those, for 5 it was the first time they went out of the country.



Mentorship Program: Over the years, this company has subsidized scholarships and mentorships for interns and young professional dancers, as a part of its investment in the SF/Bay Area community. As the company enters its 9th season, we are expanding the program to offer opportunities to younger students. This is an exciting opportunity for younger students from a wider community demographic to join in the excitement of dance and develop valuable professional skills.     

Residency: In the past, these residencies have all taken place at Wang’s home as Wang has always welcomed the residencies and mentorships. All residencies will continue to be provided free of charge with a minimum work-trade arrangement.  


Babtunji Johnson, Professional Dancer and Choreographer

Former Professional Dance Mentee

ZiRu Prepared me for a professional dance career by teaching me how to carry myself in the room. It taught me to look at the other dancers in the room and allow the way that they process and make decisions on how to work with the movement inform and inspire the way that I choose to. This showed me that there were limitless ways to expand on movement that we are given and enabled me to continue to challenge myself in new ways, which ultimately helped me get out of the box that I assigned myself to. We are all limitless; we just need to find the key and let ourselves out. 

The ZiRu Dance mentorship program includes:

  •   One-on-one private lessons from ZiRu Dance company members

  •   An outreach event specifically tailored for the mentee's school

  •   Exclusive opportunities to participate in the ZiRu Dance rehearsal process


Past ZiRu Dance mentorship program participants have utilized their skills to move forward as both artists and arts administrators. Their experience in the ZiRu Dance mentorship program served as a launching pad for them to enter into the next level of their artistic and professional development. ZiRu Dance continues to serve as a source of support and - a place for those who love dance to belong and find who they are at critical junctures in their development

Former Mentees

  • Former administrative intern Karen Lin is now pursuing her MBA at the elite Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

  • Former administrative intern Zoe Mou is heading to NYC for the prestigious Arts & Politics program at NYU

  • Former company choreographic mentee, China Native Sunny Shen, recently finished his MFA from UT Austin.

  • Former song and administrative intern Paul diLoreto completed his BA at UCLA Musical Theater Department

  • Former dance intern Daniel Chang recently completed his BA in Business from USC 


Become a Mentee


If you know someone who loves to dance and could benefit from in-studio experience with a professional company of seasoned dancers, contact us at We are accepting admissions for the 2021-2022 season on a rolling basis.


Support our Mentees


Please consider supporting ZiRu Dance in continuing to develop this exciting program. Your support helps us to subsidize costs and help us bring the art of dance into the community! 


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