ZiRu Dance is a non-profit dance company, promoting cross-cultural collaborations and the creation of innovative dance work throughout the San Francisco/Peninsula Bay area.

Our Mission

ZiRu Dance, a BIPOC non-profit dance company, provides unique community programs that promote healing and improve mental wellness through the art of dance with increased inclusiveness and education opportunities in the SF/Peninsula Bay area of California. ZiRu Dance emphasizes the creation of new dance work, curated festival production, mentorship of emerging artists, diversity, cross-cultural dialogue, community engagement, and outreach

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"Her choreography is textured and lovely..."

Rachel Howard - fjord

"...whatever you do, don't miss her show"

Nancy Pellegrini - Time Out Bejing

Pave theWay

We are excited to announce a new program

Pave the Way

which will be the second phase of the 2022 program Pathways to Recovery in partnership with One Life Counseling.  Pave the way will bring mental health support to K-12 schools and community centers. These classes will be called "Move and Release" and have already begun in community centers in San Carlos. 

For more information on Pathways to Recovery Click Here
For more information on Move and Release Click Here

Wheat Field
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